Do gifts matter?


Fieldstone Windows sent us a little thank you gift for hiring them to do our windows. When I opened the box, look what I found... Custom cookies with their logo and OSCAR! I FLIPPED OUT. I would have recommended Ken before, but the cookies were the cherry on top. I mean, we were in LOVE with the windows to begin with, but the cookies were a genius move.

It made me think about the "little things" that make you recommend companies. I've heard of people's real estate agents getting them move in gifts, and sending them Christmas Cards/Birthday Cards. My head usually whips around and I say .. "Whaaaaaat? Really? Who is your agent?" Our mortgage broker for the first year or so sent us cards but it kind of tapered off. But I remember thinking that it was a genius plan. It was a little dent in her commission that she got from us but it made an impression that was such a worthwhile investment as no other report, sales tactic when you *need* my business compared to the follow up for a long time after, thanking me for my business. That is what makes people recommend people I think.

Did/Does your real estate agent send you cards every year? Did they get you a nice gift when you bought a house? I'm not materialistic but I do think that the little things like that (little in the scheme of how much freaking money you spend on a house) are what make you go

Cookies from FieldStone Windows, ordered from Passion for Desserts
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