Woven Trays


I've always loved woven trays. First of all, the tray itself is an easy way to keep things on a table/ottoman, yet have a sense of organization. And the woven trays are totally my style. I keep dreaming of when I have a big ol' tufted ottoma, I'm going to have a woven tray on it. Kind of beachy. ;) I fell for this one at Pottery Barn but did not fall for the price.. $50.

But then I was doing a quick late night run through Loblaws and spotted something in their home line...

Although not identical, and I kind of prefer the lighter style of the Pottery Barn style, this one was $15 and too good of a deal to pass up. 1

It just keeps my new candles, and some magazines on the table.
Tray available at Loblaws for $15.
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