new art prints in ikea frames


I took some photographs of some new prints I designed. Oscar's room comes in handy for these photoshoots thanks to amazing light and his dresser. All of the prints are framed in Ikea shadow box frames - but instead of making them shadow boxes as they are intended I've framed them with the print right up to the glass - I prefer this look for these prints.

Did you know Ikea had 50% off their picture frames this past weekend?!! I happened across the sale by chance and flipped out. (had a "start the car!!!" moment) I loaded up my car with a ton of frames and I've put it in my calendar that the sale happens around this time so maybe next year I'll be more prepared. (So do the same!)

(Ps., the Beaver and the Moose look ridiculously cute when hung together as they face one another.)
P.p.s - Happy Canada Day!
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