Before E-Mail there was Fed Ex.


For this week I'm taking a break from home reno stuff to regroup. So I thought I'd do a series of blog posts that I've wanted to do for some time. I'm sharing some fun things that people think are hilarious when I tell them, or say "I had no idea". A silly little series but kind of a fun things that kind of tell more of who we are.

I went on the most beautiful Art trip in High School thanks to my Parents. I travelled to Paris, and the trip continued on through Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It was the most wonderful experience, art, making new friends, exploring a part of the world that had a long lasting impression on me. What also happened on the trip was that I met what I consider my first young love. You know the kind. It's not really love. But it's a perfect relationship for that time in your life. We met on the Eiffle tower and the rest of the trip I was head over heels.  For a romantic me, it had all the ingredients of a romance novel. I hold onto the story of meeting my first "love" in Paris, and I still get warm fuzzy feelings at how perfect it was. Granted, the relationship was far from a real relationship and far from perfect, but the way it started, on the Eiffel Tower, makes me happy and I will forever be grateful.

A few years later, he was in and out of my life, and at a certain point I needed to end it. Why? Aubrey had made his way into my life, and was making quite the lasting impression. I was falling for Aubrey. So, along side of being romantic, I was also dramatic. How does one end a relationship quickly? Because a phone call wouldn't do, I wrote a letter and had it Fed-Exed to him. Yes. I fed-exed a break up letter. What we did before e-mail makes me laugh.

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