Console Table for Living Room, done!


We ended up buying the Lumex console table from Urban Barn for our living room!  
I had actually seen this console table a year ago in the store and admired it, but Aubrey and I couldn't justify the regular price tag of $439+ when we looked at it. So when I found out from Anna that it was $199 ... I jumped on it. It reminded me of the Crate and Barrel version at $700.

In the end, the price was right, the style was right, and the dimensions were right as well. Initially I was worried about the lengh, and it being too short but once we got it into the house and I started playing around with some frames (not shown) it started to work. It's not to heavy, and doesn't visually clutter up the room. Next stage for this room is art, and figuring out some more pillows....
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