Basement Updates


We've done some little changes to my office/basement. I added in an additional bookshelf beneath my DIY desk to house more baskets. I'm gearing up for the Holiday season for my business and I started to need more storage for packaging. So instead of having an open space under the desk (see this post) I added in an extra shelf. Love my desk. :)

Also, when we were at Urban Barn buying our console table, we saw this coffee table marked down to a crazy price. Rarely do Aubrey and I immediately agree upon something - but within seconds we both agreed it was *perfect* for the basement. So although we hadn't anticipated investing in a coffee table for the basement it came home with us.  It has 2 drawers that are discrete on one side. Our intention is to build a custom railway top for it for Oscar when he's older, for his train tracks, and we'll design it to fit on this table. In the drawers he can hide is railway toys. :)

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