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I'm a huge fan of baking. I actually took a cake decorating course with my Mom a few years ago. So you can understand why for Easter, Aubrey and I Mom separately both bought me Bakerellas Cake Pop Book  The book is a nice tutorial for different styled pop cakes but if you want the basic instructions you can see a great tutorial on Apartment Therapy. Cut a long story short, the end result of the cake project was that I found making the pops too time consuming (took me one full day to make) and too sweet (it's cake and a whole lot of icing).

For all of the effort to make it, I was a sad that I wasn't more in love with them. And I really, really wanted to love them.

My original cake pops looked good, but took a full day to make, a lot of mess and were too sweet
Fast forward. Erin was telling me that her sister also tried cake pops and remarked that she though that maybe Timbits (Donut holes for my US friends .... or do you know what Timbits are?) would be an alternative. Ummm. Genius!

Hello "Time Saver"
  I decided to try the theory out. I had extra icing and cake pop sticks at home, so had nothing to loose. I brought home 5 chocolate, and 5 regular old fashioned timbits and tested one on a stick. It was the perfect size. Next up, I covered it in icing just as I did for my regular cake pops.

Covered in sprinkles and voila!

My "New and Improved" Cake Pops that took at most, 10 minutes to make factoring in melting chocolate etc.
  They actually turned out better than my other ones because they are perfectly round. And, time wise, they took me maybe 5 minutes compared 6+ hours with the "real" ones.

Yum. Less sweet, and likely less calories compared to my icing filled ones. A bit "healthier"?

In terms of taste timbit version is noticeably less sweet compare to my version. (I prefered the chocolate timbit version) And lastly, time wise (a full day vs. 5-10 minutes) well, I think you know which style of "Pop" I'm going to be making from now on.

Update: For another take on the Cake Pop that I did click here...
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