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So, bathroom vanities. Such a small piece of furniture but for our washroom it's a major element. We're bumping out a wall for it so it's something that I've been fretting over for quite some time.  This is (knock on wood) the final post on vanities so I'll recap quickly what has been happening.*

Going back to the beginning - we first sourced a few quotes on a modern walnut vanity from custom cabinet makers. The look was inspired by one of Sarah Richardson's bathrooms that I always liked and Janice's bathroom captured the look as well. However, when the quotes started coming back pretty high - we settled on the idea of going with a big-box store vanity and painting a modern colour. This choice wasn't ideal (and there was a lot of debate about me painting the vanity myself)- but at the time was the only option that we thought we had.
Vanity that we were close to buying at TUBS in Toronto

Then I spotted the modern walnut vanities at Tubs and things instantly fell into place. Tubs had the exact style of vanity that we were getting custom cabinetry makers to quote us on with the exception that the vanities at Tubs had handles. It was a great Ah-ha moment that the "Bath" stores that I thought were going to be out of my budget weren't - and that Big Box Stores like Lowes and Home Depot aren't the only place where you can find a huge selection of vanities. But there was a little bit of a downside to the vanity that I had decided on.

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