gold striped vase


When I had my gold spray paint out for my gold scissor project I kind of wanted to spray everything in sight gold. I had a stash of glass vases in storage  - I tend to stock up on them from the dollar store when I find a good vase style - You can always use them for entertaining in your own house or bringing flowers over to someone as a gift. Again, this project is so ridiculously easy it doesn't require instructions.... but here is what I did....

I took two vases ($1.25 each) and alternated the placement of the tape. I wanted to see which pattern looked better - either the top painted or, clear. Next I sprayed them with Krylon Premium Metallic Paint. Although I did this to see which looked better -in the end I liked both. And consequently it was neat seeing the two vases side by side with alternating stripes. If you were hosting a party, wouldn't it look sweet to have a row of these in alternating striped vases along a table?

Really, it's so simple but the results are so awesome it's worth posting.

For now, this vase has a nice spot in my living room - beside my favourite picture of Oscar and I and my new agate coasters from HomeSense. :)

Ps., I need to dust that table. 

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