Review: Bissell Deluxe Deep Cleaner


During the demolition of the kitchen, rooms that we hadn't intended on getting dirty still got dirty. Dust & dirt seemed to find its way into the smallest spaces even with the greatest preparation. As we got closer to the move back date I decided a thorough cleaning of the house was in needed prior to moving back. First, I'm a neat freak but the second more import reason it was important was Oscar. I was especially concerned about the dirt and dust that had gotten into our bedroom carpets. Oscar lies on them, plays, and his mattress is right on the floor. I didn't want anything left in those carpets that could be harmful to the little guy.

In comes a carpet deep cleaner. I had previously rented one so I knew I loved them but because of the size, and the pain in renting one for a single day, I decided to research consumer products meant for the home. In comes the Bissell  Lift Off Deluxe Deep Cleaner.  Bissell shipped this gorgeous machine to me and it was like Christmas the day it arrived. If you're like me, and kind of have a itch to clean, or are contemplating whether a carpet cleaner is right for you, you may get equally excited at what I'm about to show you.
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