When big companies help out the little guys....


As many of you know I'm really passionate about a charity in Toronto called George Herman House. It is a lovely home for women living with mental health issues. I was having lunch with the Director of the house a few months ago and I asked her whether they needed anything for the house. She walked me through the house and pointed out that their (one and only) TV for the house in their living room was broken. It was an older tube TV and I'm surprised it had lasted that long.

The broken TV at George Herman House
When you're a charity like George Herman House - dollars go straight to the residents, groceries and housing so "luxury" items like TV's are hard to save for. If not impossible. Although a TV sounds like a luxury item, I personally think it's quite helpful for after a long day to unwind. So in a home where women are trying very hard to get through a day - I thought a TV went from a luxury item to something of a necessity. I decided to put it out there, via twitter, that I was looking for a TV for George Herman House. And guess what happened.... (It's a long post, so I'm doing the "Read More button)
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