Short Sale Investing - Tips and Tricks for Getting Involved With Short Sales


Short sale investing is important as it will allow you to purchase homes a price which is below average with a promise of high returns as well as quick profit. Currently, investing interests have increased due to the volume of distressed homes available in the market. Buyers currently have more choices available when it comes to price range, properties and terms for investment. The choice for investing is attractive as it will work for both parties involved. Buyers will benefit from the low prices of these investments while sellers will be able to dispose of mortgages that they can't afford and begin on a clean slate. On the other hand, lenders can eliminate loans that are non-performing without necessarily going through the complete foreclosure process, which can prove to be more expensive and much longer than traditional sales.

So what are the tips and tricks for getting involved with short sales?

Finding a decent real estate agent is the first step in short sale investing. The best direction is locating an agent that has had experience with this type transactions because a short sale could be more complicated than a usual real estate deal. Many sellers are often drawn into short sales without full understanding of their implications. Therefore, unless you are a legal or real estate expert, you will need to get an assistance of a more skillful person. It is important that you work with individuals who have experience in investing in short sale and who have a good knowledge of the market to provide you with a factual, practical advice. The agent can be able to assist you in finding more potential properties, planning your investments better and even help you in negotiating each sale to guarantee the best results that you desire. Even if the kind of help you get is expensive, it is not comparable to making a mistake in a high risk field such as short selling.

Another tip is that you don't need to put your hopes on one property only. Continue to aggressively look for several properties and keep your choices open. Buyers should stay optimistic as the most appropriate property will eventually come along. Having many offers out at any time which have good contingencies is absolutely risk-free and legal in most areas. It is also important to keep in mind that short sales are not timely at all times; though the process of making a bid on the 'approved short sale' could be quicker. The 'approved short sale' always has a price that has already been accepted by bank because probably another buyer who is interested made a bid that was accepted, but never bought the property finally. These kind of sales are among the most highly desirable.

Whenever you get an approval, you have to close on time since there is no leniency when it comes to the closing escrow date in short sales. However, if at all there is any matter that could stop you from closing in time; you will need to make a request for extension immediately. Requests made on time are likely to be granted by banks but never assume it will simply happen.

This type of investing can be a great chance for finding a new home at a modest price, though it is necessary to understand factors that could result into a successful short sale to ensure that is profitable and enjoyable experience. As always, my intent is to empower you, enabling you to make knowledgeable decisions.

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