Kitchen Reno: Appliances, what we picked


Our kitchen now...with the old white appliances. (that are failing/leaking/too small)
This is going to be a long post, partially because I want to explain our thought process about appliances -An expensive addition to any kitchen and therefore worthy of long posts. As you know we're at a point where all of our appliances are in need of replacing, due to leaking, monster noises at night, or not functioning as we need them to be. Skipping back a few months, on Boxing Day, Aubrey and I bit the bullet and bought appliances. The reason why I didn't show you them is because we kept putting off the delivery of them as I was having a little bit of buyers remorse. Aubrey and I went back to Appliance Canada and revisited some of the brands we really liked. I kept thinking of one line, the GE Cafe. It's interesting, what led us to GE Cafe line is actually their fridge, and after that the rest fell into place.

Choosing a fridge for us was actually pretty easy for the fact that we had a lot of criteria that narrowed down our choice. The first thing is, is that we have a galley kitchen. Part of the problem that a galley kitchen  is that a regular fridge in my mind, is too deep. (It cuts into your walkway.) So the first thing we knew was that we wanted was a counter depth. By going counter depth you're narrowing your selection dramatically and raising your price. Counter depth fridges are sadly, much more expensive than regular fridges. But - we justified the expense because it would have been a huge annoyance loosing walking space in our already small kitchen. The next thing that narrows down the fridges right away is the handle style. 90% of fridges have bow handles.

Your typical "Bow & Arrow" Handles

Aubrey and I saw on a Design Inc. or perhaps a Sarah's House, a part of an episode where Tommy says to Sarah that he doesn't like bow & arrow handles and ever since Aubrey and I saw that episode, we can't look at handles the same way. We had fallen for the more modern look of the straight handles. That brings us to us standing in Appliance Canada, looking at counter depth fridges that have straight handles, and that brought us to look at really 4 fridges out of hundreds, and we focused in on the GE Cafe line.

The line itself reminds me of a cafe. Slightly industrial, very professional looking, and well. Awesome. That's the GE Cafe Counter Depth fridge, and matching appliances set up in the store. Read more about the rest of the appliances that we picked after the jump....

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