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With the arrival of the appliances soon to be upon us, we obviously are thinking of the cabinetry. And when we heard on the radio that IKEA is having their 20% back in Gift cards when you buy a kitchen with them, Aubrey and I both turned to one another one of us, I'm pretty sure was me, said "Maybe we should just "price it out"." The inevitable words that lead to so much more in many households. I don't think we can figure it out in time for the promotion - I'm too much of a worry wart to be rushed.

We will do white cabinets, but the counntertop I'm not sure of- My heart says light grey, but I'm also dawn to the opposite side, of black. Yikes. See what I mean? As IF I could make these decisions in a matter of a few weeks! Anyone have an IKEA kitchen? Any pictures/blogs to show as inspiration?

Photos from my Pinterest Kitchen File but I've attempted to find original sources.
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