Suzanne Rheinstein's Ikat for Lee Jofa


For those of you that think I get a lot done in our house, I'd like to let you know that the two frames in our living room are still hanging with nothing in them, and I'm still struggling with art for above the console. I'm one of those people that likes to wait for the right thing, instead of buying things to just fill a space. The end result is, that our house is taking time to come together. It also is partially due to budget. We don't have tons of cash to throw at a room, so every so often we invest in something. The result is, that we have rooms that are decorated with pieces we love. 

One thing I would like is pillows for our couch. Truthfull they aren't necessary, but something I would enjoy and I think add some nice layering to the room . I've struggled to find ones that would work with these lovelies on my chairs. And I think the ones that would work are the ones in the background here...

Yes. I took a picture of the TV Show Million Dollar Decorators. Aubrey thought I was taking a picture of Ross and laughed at me. And I informed him I was actually more smitten with the pillows. fast forward to last week and I was sorting through old Magazines and came across Michael Penney's Living Room and BAM! He had pillows. So I hopped over to his blog and found these photos...

Turns out it is Suzanne Rheinstein's Ikat for Lee Jofa. Which means, um. Pricey. But I'm kind of obsessed. So if you know how I can buy the fabric, or see pre made pillows of it out there, let me know. Because I think they need to be in my house. Well. Maybe. I'm not sure how much it would cost. But aren't they divine?! So obsessed.
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