Family Photos


Monday, Aubrey, Oscar and I went for a family photo shoot with Leigh at Tynan Studios. Honestly, I love her work but I kind of adore her just as much. She is soooo nice. She sent me this uber cute preview of our time in the park. I just simply adore the colours.

Here is a confession. You know what is so sad? I've avoided being in a lot of photos in Oscars 1st year as I've been so self concious of the weight I gained with the pregancy. But when I saw Leighs work, I knew that I just had to put my issues aside and have her capture us as a family. I can't wait to show you more of the photos!

Ps., The weight is coming off - slowly - but coming off. I hated what pregnancy did to my body but I'm forever grateful for what it gave me...and that is the little boy between the two of us. ;)
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