Escaping to cottage country


 Aubrey and I escaped to the cottage for a day this week. Sometimes you just need to escape. My brain is swirling with work, and getting the Holiday 2011 collection designed (yes, I have to start this early) So a trip to the cottage was in order. There is something about driving through the countryside that calms me. (Above is a photo from the road that winds down to our cottage)

In my last post I showed you our finds from Coboconk (which is where my cottage is). A new antique shop opened up and we popped in. Although they weren't actually *open* as she was setting up for the long weekend, but let us in .... and was probably glad she did because we bought a LOT.

Table of wooden boxes starting ar $4
The table of wooden boxes, around $4 to $6.

I fell for this oil painting but it was a bit wavy and I didn't know where I'd put her. But I loved her. And she was $65

Vintage rolling pins, $8 each

The owners told me stories of finding treasures in the dump ... yes, the dump. And they invited me to go and check it out for myself. At the thought of finding awesome treasures, I kindly told them I'd be more than happy to let them do the searching and I'd just pay them for their efforts! But can you believe that people throw out amazing things? Honestly, donate it. Don't throw it out. :(
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