Artist Profile; Gavin Slate


As you know, I highly respect those who choose art as a profession. I've profiled painters, and illustrators, and now I'd like to introduce another style of artist, musicians. Having dabbled in visual arts, I am comfortable explaining why I adore a piece of visual art, but diving into music is a bit intimidating. Simply put, I love music. From classical to pop it has all been played in our house, a love that was inherited from my Dad.

On that note, I'd like introduce you to Gavin Slate. I came across his music as I'm dear friends with his sister.  And, when his EP release party was approaching she posted this video and I was hooked. There is a sweet melody, a calmness to his voice that is soothing. I hope you enjoy the song. Gavins music is available on iTunes.
GAVIN SLATE - Life As A Salesman Music Video from Stedfast Media on Vimeo.

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