Antique hunting outside of the city


I popped into the Argyle Blacksmith Shop/ Antique Store this weekend, a tradition on most trips up to my cottage. (Click here to visit last years post) The visit normally goes like this: We park the car, Aubrey runs into the General Store to buy us coffees and 1 butter tart to share, and I run into the Antique Store to see if I spot anything small that I can fit in our little car. Here were some things that caught my eye.

This inflatable stool  [2] caught my eye immediately as it was just shown on Design Sponge, when they picked one up at Brimfield. I still find it kind of wonky, but hilarious. ($30 each) [3] This rocking chair is uber cute, and would be perfect painted, and some re upholstery. [4] I've always loved vintage cash registers and one day will likely pick one up for Oscar to play with [5] If this were a few years down the line and we were looking for a new bed for a spare room I would 100% have bought this bed and painted it pink, green or some awesome colour [6] This old payphone would be awesome in a kitchen for some kitsch.

Argyle Antiques, Open Fridays, Weekends and Holidays but also by appointment

Corner of Glenarm & Hwy 46
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