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I've popped into three shops over the last week that I snapped some photos of items I thought were pretty cool. I don't typically leave with much, I actually have a really hard time spending money on big pieces. But occasionally my cart will fill up with little things. I know these posts aren't really doing much for those that aren't in Toronto but I think it's kind of fun to see what's out in stores and is trending!

The Target by our home opened last week and Mom came to watch Oscar so I could get over on the opening day to browse. I'm not one for store openings, but I was intrigued at what I may find. Plus it was nice to just browse the store solo. Gorgeous home decor items, a pretty cool selection of jewelry and a massive selection of solid bedding that I can *never* find elsewhere. I left with a new purse ($30) and maybe a few cars for Oscar for his upcoming birthday. :) I spotted a basket I loved but it was $80 so I left it - HomeSense is my go to place for baskets for ridiculously awesome pricing. But overall, I was really impressed with the merchandising of the store - it was fun to shop!

Mom is in search of a rug for her bedroom -  The two of us headed to Elte to see if we could find the perfect rug for her home. Unfortunately we didn't find the rug but it wasn't without meeting the nicest associated, Nedim, who patiently walked us through the rugs and explained them. I've been to Elte many a times, and Nedim is worth mentioning - Ask for him if you want to search for carpets, he has the nicest demeanor. No pressure, and really was someone I'd search out if I was in the market, and had the budget for one of Elte's rugs. While we were there I fell in love with the basset hound bookends. Left with nothing but did feel inspired by the store.

I managed to fit in a trip to HomeSense this week and found a basket (not shown) and some gorgeous wrapping paper that did come home with me. Since when did HomeSense sell wrapping paper!? The shell lamp caught my eye, as did the console table and the shark piece that reminds me of Jonathan Adlers. It had a funny finish to it, if it had been all white it may have walked out with me - but really, I have no idea where I would have put it!

Anyhow, just some fun finds throughout the city. xo Linds
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