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As some of you noticed I updated the blog a wee bit. Small changes - removed the coloured background. Tidied up the sidebar a little. The biggest change would be the header you see above - a new font and layout. I've being inspired by things that are a wee bit more feminine - I'm obsessing over florals and calligraphy but still am in love with modern clean structure. I feel that the mix of the cursive font against the white background is a perfect mix of feminine with modern.

As a designer it's terribly hard to design things for yourself - much like an interior designer may find it hard to decorate their own interior (I wonder, do they find that hard?) I have 10 different business card designs lying around my office, all of which are not exactly right and I still don't have a proper card to hand out.

I associate the changes to blog design/layout to much like  moving around furniture in the house when things get boring after awhile. Or switching out pillows on the couch when your tastes change. Don't you do that ? Please tell me you do that too. ;-) Anyhow, still tweaking it so don't be surprised if you see things move around. xo Linds

Ps., There is a new section called "Archives" that I'm continually adding too. If there is a blog post that I've missed that you think would be good to feature in there let me know.

Photos via. Lovely Little Details, Found on Pinterest

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