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If you have read our blog for awhile you'll know that our living room is a sloooow process. But it's kind of a fun process. :) The pillows I got even have moved to the kitchen, so I'm starting fresh with a new fabric pallet. (Yes, I'm nuts, I'll explain that later) But I've been staring at the big white wall. Art must go here.

 But  I do feel as though something needs to ground it.... Like a console table. A floating piece of art in the middle of such a big wall makes me uncomfortable. (That is the best word I can describe the feeling I have) I really do think something needs to ground it. But the living room isn't huge, and so a console table that is narrow, is the best option.

So here are my finds. Most of them are from Crate and Barrel, I found that they have done a great job of doing console tables. (And let's not forget CB2!)

1. CB2 $299 2. Crate and Barrel $599  3. Urban Barn $599 4.CB2 $299 5. Crate and Barrel $699 6. Crate and Barrel $599

My heart aches for Number 5. I think the detailing of the open shelf is kind of interesting.  But of course, it is the most expensive. I also really quite like #1, as it seems longer than the rest - and the lengh is quite important. As well as lengh, This console table must be very narrow, and it must be very light - a heavy wood one will not go well, as the room will start to feel cluttered.
I have to do a spreadsheet and see which ones are the most narrow, and the longest, and we'll go from there.
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